Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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I spent another day at the pool today! I really don't have a very thrilling existence, but it sure is a peaceful one. (I will again mention here the joy that is my mesh raft.) I also went to the library and the dry cleaners - ooh, la, la! Try to contain your excitement and jealousy. At the library, I saw one of my students who if I was to have favorites would be my favorite. He's the guy who gave me a reading list at the end of the school year of books he thought I'd like. Today he checked in to see how many I'd read. Eek! The pressure! It is so freeing to be able to talk candidly about that school with parents without the threat of job loss hanging over my head. Last thought about library - if you've read any good books lately that you think I might like, please leave in the comments. You can check out my strange and varied reading taste over there at the left.

Yesterday, I issued myself a challenge: go to the mall and spend no money. Armed with a fistful of gift cards, I obtained a new wallet, a bathing suit, two shirts, a dress, and a kid's meal at Sonic for the cost of.....nothing! It was so satisfying. The things I do to entertain myself in the summer...which reminds me. Back in April, I somehow managed to spill a strawberry banana smoothie down the side of my car one morning before school. See, my hands were full, so I used my smoothie arm to push my door shut? Yeah. Well, needless to say, the smoothie went down the side of my car and all over my light green capris. Being the staunch caretaker of my car that I am, I carefully let that smoothie dry to a creamy paste on the side of my car. But yesterday! I cleaned it off at the gas station with that windshield washer dooflotchy. Now only the drips remain because I didn't notice those at the gas station. You would benefit to mimic my car care standards, you would. I set a good example. Always clean sugary debris off of your vehicle within two months, I say.

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