Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cwoffee Twalk

I feel strangely free now that I'm not going back to my school anymore. I'm even kicking around the idea of loosening the tight grip on my Flickr photo thinger over there. No one can fire me! I wonder if they could sue me? It's just nice to know that I don't really have to hide quite so clandestinely anymore. I feel like I need to get to know you all over again. Maybe I'll copy my friend Jen and add ten new things a week to my 100 Things list just to get me started!

My weekend was quite kicky. Friday, I spent all afternoon lounging in the pool on the Most Awesome Rafts Ever. These rafts are the only way to lay out when it's over 100 degrees. You should have one. I followed that up with a lovely dinner out. The next day, Mike and I had the distinct pleasure of crib shopping. Just for the record, this is not that fun. But we bought this one and got a fabulous deal on it, which pleases me almost more than the crib itself. Crib shopping is never complete without a trip to an engagement party, so that's what we did next. In case anyone is keeping count, I still can't drink beer and it's still not really fun to be at a party where everyone else is drinking beer. Just for the record. 5 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, and counting.

Nothing exciting happened today except that I just got to listen in on Mike defending my honor to the mother in law regarding baby showers and such. What a good husband I have! I feel all warm and bubbly inside. There's a pretty good chance it may be gas, but I think it's adoration. Mother in laws are a mystery that I can't unravel. They seem like nice, normal people until you get married. Especially if you marry their only child. Just saying.

Finally? I made some banana bread. You know why? Because I wanted some. And it is GOO-OOD all nice and warm from the oven. It may help me get over the fact that the entire jar of chocolate chip cookies that I made last week are all gone. We won't go into detail on the fact that I ate the entire jar myself and that when Mike tried to eat the last cookie, I nearly ate his arm off in animal-like hostility. This seemed perfectly acceptable in the moment. It really did.

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