Friday, June 23, 2006

That Might Be Me

Well, I'm off to the beach tomorrow for the family trip. Sunny skies and pretty weather are predicted for the week, so my "I heart a good tan" personality is very happy. You know you truly enjoy the sun and surf when you are willing to don the number of tent-like maternity bathing suits that I am. I'm just passing the point where a size larger tankini no longer looks quite right. If you see anything on the news about a beached whale lying in the edge of the surf at a North Carolina beach next week, look closely! That might be me. You should be able to identify the blindingly white stomach with the winking eye bellybutton that's only popped out on the top.

While I'm gone, there are a couple of things I have been pondering that perhaps you can assist with. Firstly, my sister seems to find it offensive that I pee when I'm talking on the phone. In my opinion, this is a standard practice with friends you talk to often and a given with family. They've heard you pee before. I don't make it a habit to poop while talking, except once with Eddie, and I muted during the plops.

Secondly, what is the proper protocol when you are in a restaurant and a three year old is leaning over the booth from the next table, screaming/playing at you and waving their arms around? You are correct in assuming the usual oblivious parent.

Thirdly, portable DVD players. I think they're a pretty nifty device and just got one myself (for my 30th birthday, 2 months late, but I don't think I need to elaborate on that). When on an airplane, it seems to me that headphones are in order. Am I correct in that assumption? What are you supposed to do with the guy who does not share this sentiment and instead shares his movie with the surrounding cabin? Think on that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I will think of you often. This is the only week of the year I am cut off from my two loves, Gus and internet access. Think good thoughts for Gus so that hopefully he will behave for his caretakers without major incident.

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