Monday, May 08, 2006

Saving a Life: A Guide from Pigs

Today? At school? I saved a life. That's right, you can call me a Lifesaver. I was indispensable in Operation: Save a Life today. Let me take you there:

I was walking out to my car this afternoon when I heard a teeny tiny squeaky noise. Meeeeeeep! Meeeeeeep! Looking around me curiously, I jumped back in fright when I realized I was inches from stepping on a teeny bald writhing little mound of critter. I leaned in for a closer look. Meeeeeep! Meeeeeeep! The noises were coming from its wittle bitty yellow beak! The little birdie had fallen out of its nest! Meeeeeeep! The little squeaks were clearly cries of help....cries to me, The Savior.

"Stay there! I'll go get help!" I told the non-feathered bird, hoping my take-charge tone would make him feel secure and rescued. I darted inside and grabbed The MAN, dragging him outside to save my bird friend. He analyzed this situation, pinpointed the nest, and located equipment. After a quick trip inside to secure supplies [gloves, a fish net, and a ladder to be precise], we were back outside and ready for action.

The bird now meeeeeeeeped, terrified, in MAN's hand. I watched. The MAN bravely scaled the ladder. I cheered him on. The MAN located the opening to the nest. I supported this completely. The MAN gently deposited the bird back with his family....or what we believe to be his family. Meeeeeeep! Meeeeeeeep! Multiple squeaks of joy [or possibly anger if that wasn't his nest] erupted from within the nest. I clapped and watched the MAN descend the ladder as we speculated the wild stories the wayward birdie was probably telling his family about The Outside.

I also held the door as we re-entered the building. Clearly, I was a critical part of this operation. I feel fairly certain that my friend the bird will never forget me. Oh, no. He will never forget me.

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