Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dr. Obvious

Me: So, my heart has started skipping beats again and really being weird.
Him: Did you have that before?
Me: Yes.
Him: It's going to get worse.
Me: Umkay....I've had these weird aches down south. What's that about?
Him: You're pregnant.
Me: Oh. Well, my heel has developed something wrong and...
Him: [feels foot] It's either your Achilles tendon or you have a heel spur.
Me: How do I fix that?
Him: Stop wearing heels. And those flip flops are useless. Cute, though.
Me: Thanks! Well, um....what about my scoliosis? I've heard sometimes that can interfere with an epidural?
Him: It can.
Him: You won't know until you get there.
Me: Thanks.

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