Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Eggplants and Cashews and Boobs, Oh My!

It's been pretty entertaining to tell my students about the impending piglet. They were immediately happy and excited, but then launched into a boys vs. girls showdown regarding which gender they desired the baby to be. Now that that mystery has been resolved, all of the boys are petitioning for me to name the child after them, while the girls are telling me why I shouldn't name the child after [said] boy. Little do they know that they are the actual reasons that I cannot think of a boy's name that does not harbor negative associations.

I do want to clear up a notion that my piglet might be an eggplant, a cashew or a boob based on the image I provided yesterday. I can absolutely see what you mean, and I tend to agree. I felt like Rachel in the scene in Friends when she couldn't see the baby on the sonogram. You say that's a penis? Okay, that can be a penis. Hope you know what you're doing, because I see blobs and shadows up there. So, here is a more human-like image for you:

This is what Piglet looked like while we watched him bouncing on my bladder in the moving image.

The real concern among my students is Gus. They are extremely concerned that I am not going to love him as much after I have a piglet. They know a little bit about how spoiled he is. It might be observed that I share a leeeetle too much about Gus sometimes. The questions included, but are not limited to:

Will you turn Gus' room into the baby's room?
Does Gus still get to sleep with you?
Will you hold Gus the same amount of time you hold the baby?
Will Gus have to share his bathtub with the baby?
What if Gus eats the baby's toys?
What if Gus eats the baby?

From there we launch into a series of What If questions that gets extremely exhausting to think through. One of my students was so concerned that she asked her mom to make Gus a doggie bed so that he wouldn't get jealous of the cute baby stuff people were giving me. It doesn't appear that Gus is suffering greatly:

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