Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Look at me! Being all positive and stuff...

May I just say that there are some things in this world that are largely overlooked and should be celebrated some more? Let me share a few...
1. That moment when your cold releases its bony, wicked grasp on your head and for the first time in days, air goes through your nose. It's just amazing! You never think about how great it is to breathe freely until you can't for several days and nights.
2. On the same note, the moment when your ears finally "pop" after being in a bucket for several days of a cold. Booooooooorn freeeeee! The birds are chirping! The television can be returned to its normal volume! Gus is howling! Well, mostly good.
3. Talking for two hours on the phone to a friend that you haven't talked to in a few months. This phenomenon is something that my husband will never understand. He cannot fathom how I can talk to Eddie for an hour and a half, then my mom for an hour, only to answer the phone when my neighbor across the street calls and I can talk to her for another thirty minutes. I love to talk. If you read my blog, you probably realize that I can be long-winded and that I do enjoy sharing a thought or two....well, that works on the phone too.
4. Making lists. There are few things in the world less satisfying to me than a good list. And what's better than a list? Crossing things off on that list. I've started my summer list and it feels good. Almost as good as moving out of my classroom.
5. Moving out of my classroom. You would think this might be a sad event. No, no. It was a highly organizational task, which I thrive on. I got to purge, donate, sort, pack, and label. These are some of my favorite activities. Especially the labeling. But the best part? I moved out of my classroom, you ninny! Cackle. I pity the fools who remain.
6. Filling out your exit survey for your employer, even if you aren't going to send in the version you wrote. Mine is currently a bit too much like the posts on my blog from last week. Do you know how satisfying that is on that district letterhead? Mwah-ah-ah! I'm going to give human resources a little ringie before I turn anything in. I need to know exactly what this form is used for and who might see it.
7. Summer strawberries. Colby-jack cheese slices. Yogurt covered pretzels. Mocho Frappacino. Chocolate Eclair Pie. Duke's mayonnaise. Calabash shrimp. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.
8. Seeing your baby kicking around on an ultrasound. And witnessing that he's bendy enough to suck on his toes. Not being very bendy myself, I admire this trait in my evidently gifted child.
9. Selling teacher gifts on eBay. It's like a little prize everytime one sells. [Remember the Christmas vote?] I might also note that returning teacher gifts to stores for credit is also nice. Bath and Body Works has the best return policy ever.
10. Knowing that it's summer and I can do whatever I want whenever I want. I love that the things I write on my calendar are things like "Lunch with Amy" or "Pool with Laura" or "Shop with Tina." That just rocks.

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