Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Bouncy Student: Mrs. Pigs! Tiara? She keeps saying that you look different.
Me: Oh, really?
Bouncy: Yeah. So, I told her it's cause you're having a baby and you're changing!
Me: Well, I suppose that's right. [ surreptitiously adjust pants held together by hairband]
Bouncy: Yeah! I told her that's why your hair has looked so messy lately.
Me: What? [look of confusion]
Bouncy: Yeah. And my mom told me about mood swings. Do you have mood swings?
Me: Alright, that's enough. Scram.
Bouncy: I think you just had one!
Me: [growl]

Next day:
[Bouncy envelopes me in a clingy hug, her hands all over my stomach.]
Me: Good morning.
Bouncy: [glee] You're getting fatter!!!
Me: Nine more days....nine more days...nine more days.

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