Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yep, Yep

You know what really kind of annoys me? When steps are too short and too close together. You have to walk up them like a penguin unless you skip steps. I think that skipping steps looks kind of man-ish, so I try not to do that in public. A normal step should not be only 3 inches taller than the one before it. That's just difficult.
Also. I don't think that I should have to detect when a child has not taken medicine in the morning, email the mom, and convince her that he will have a better day if she will bring the medicine. I also don't think that child should aim "guns" at my head while I'm teaching. I also think that blatant acts of defiance toward 3 teachers in one morning should be rewarded by mom with a lunch out. Just sayin'.
On a happy note, I adore getting my hair cut at the nice place. The nice place being the place that actually does some scalp massage action and multiple conditioners. The nice place that brushes, cuts, thins, dries, and straightens/styles the hair. So luxurious. I should really go more than a few times a year. Ah, well.

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