Sunday, April 02, 2006

[insert disgruntled sigh here]

I have just been summoned to jury duty. I do not have a problem serving this duty, as I know it is a key part of our system. Everyone should have a turn so that it is fair and just.


This is the 5th [fifth!] time that I have been summoned since moving to Texas 3.5 years ago. FIFTH! I was first summoned to the local municipal court, served, got my check mark, and left. Then I was called three times to the county "big court", which took great lengths to get out of prove my exemption status since I had already served. It involved a lot of photocopying of things that could not be faxed or emailed and driving of said things to places.
So now I get called again to the local court, which apparently you only have a two year break from. My two year anniversary expired February 28th and I was summoned in March. Fabulous. And of course, it's the day before the TAKS tests. I will be calling to have this rescheduled, but POOH! Is it because I'm out of state? I know people who have never been called! This is a conspiracy.


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Jim said...

Those people who have never been called may very well be non-voters. Feel free to quiz them on their levels of civic responsibility and report back.