Wednesday, January 04, 2006


You know sometimes even I start to believe that there might be a point of loving a pet too much. It seems that I have bruised my ear. Bruised my ear as a result of loving my pet too much.

You see, in a simple world one might just bid their pet farewell and walk out the door. In my [somewhat skewed] world, I really believe that Gus is going to be lonely on this, my first day back at work. After all, he's been with us 24/7 for two weeks now. In reality, the dog needs a break. He's suffering from acute exhaustion and over-stimulation, but I see a sweet puppy whom I believe is going to miss me all day. He is going to pine and worry get the point. Back to my ear.

As I left Gus perched himself adorably on the couch, his head cocked intelligently to the side as if to say, "I'll be okay mommy. I'll try to be strong without you." I waved and cooed and backed away slowly. I was going to miss my little man today. My body was going forward and my head was looking backward and - WHAMO! My face smacked soundly into the door frame and apparently attempted to part ways with my ear.

All for the dog. The sweet little pumpkin.

[Gus is featured today in his new Land's End reflective waterproof non-sissy hunting garment®, courtesy grandma and grandpa.]

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