Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Results

You will probably remember that in my super-fun worst teacher gift contest that the puffy headed rat and the flip flop wine coasters battled it out until the end when I believe the flip flop wine coasters pull ahead to take the win. It seems they are also going to win on ebay, as they have been listed for less than 12 hours and already have four bids. Who knew?
I am almost creeped out by how well my first two days with kids went. They were sweet and somewhat was pleasant! This year's batch is finally growing on me. It has taken five months this time instead of the usual 1-2, but hey. I'll take it. I think they're starting to grow up a little and it's quite fetching on them.
If you are looking for a little entertainment this weekend, I recommend having your husband floor the attic. The elusive squeaking of the drill above the ceiling is difficult for a beagle to pin down and he will run back and forth throughout the house alternately growling/barking at the ceiling and trying to smell it. Quite comical, really.
And one final thought: a pet peeve of mine. I am a loyal subcriber of Us Weekly. (Yes, I know it's trash, but I love it.) I feel that as a loyal subscriber of any magazine, one should be entitled to receive said magazine before the chumps who buy it off the rack. I simply MUST know why Angelina says the wedding is off and I have to see Britney's new baby pics. It is unfair to tease me with this tempting gossip on the rack at the grocery store when I should have it in my hot little hands days before the average Joe. Josephine. Whatever. Harumph...

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