Saturday, January 21, 2006

To My Alleged Legion

You know, having someone write a guest post on your blog is something of a vacation from the daily grind and toil of cranking out the laughers for your "legions" [thank you, cousineddie] of readers. This non-paying, highly coveted literary position can be a tremendous let down when you are so proud of your carefully-crafted vocabulary nerd game, that you giggled and tittered over for almost an hour, and then the unthinkable one comments. Not even your own sister until you request it via email when she reports the tragic receipt of your piece. It's taken me four days to overcome the crushing disappointment, but I will press on. [deep breath] I will press on.

I will begin by addressing an interesting tidbit that appeared in Cousineddie's piece, below. Firstly, the husband feels that he has been "grossly misrepresented" and believes that he must now "sue for slander of character." A lawsuit will indubitably ensue. The funny thing is that she didn't actually write anything that was entirely untrue. I just want everyone out there to know that my husband is neither foul, nor malevolent, but perhaps lazy in the hygiene department on weekends, or underexposed to good cooking as a child and has fond memories of the culinary wonders that are Chef-Boy-R-Dee and boxed blueberry muffins. I dunno. That little outfit she described was completely true, but fortunately had faded to a distant memory... until yesterday. Guess what he is wearing right this very minute? And guess who has already been to the gym today? He will be showering before we go to dinner, and the garment will be promptly deposited into the dirty clothes.

That is all that I have to say about that. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane and the explanation of the wonderment that is me. I would also like to note that when Cousineddie highlighted my hair that time, I was more concerned about the reddish-brown blob of dye that colored my forehead for three days than I was about the actual color of my hair. I think that detail may have slipped her memory. It was a scarring first hair dye experience. I will leave you with two pictures:

A really awesome meal that I made the other night and thought was pretty, Chicken Taco Salads:

And secondly, my handsome beagle Gus squeezed into the slutty little halter that his Aunt Cousineddie got him for Christmas. (Be sure to note the copious amounts of backfat squishing out.):

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