Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nerd Alert!

Cousineddie gave the husband a Word of the Day calendar for Christmas (which I just received today, thanks to our inept mail person in a station wagon). Since I enjoy the crafty word play so much, I thought I might try to use the words as they come up on the calendar. Being that I am writing this on January 18, I have a bit of catching up to do. I will try to use good context clues to help with comprehension of my story. I will now commence a retelling of a popular blog entry of yore.

A young woman was out one night roistering until nearly midnight. We will call her Josephine. Josephine quickly became gelid in the cold, winter air of Virginia and attempted to cabbage a coat off of a young man they had just encountered to no avail. He said her need for a coat was simply de minimus right now and gave an impious smirk. Josephine's friend Norma had clearly had abulia set in after drinking both of her beers and had taken to making some scurrilous remarks at passers by. Josephine suggested that perhaps it was time for just a tittle of Frankenfood at a local Mexican eatery. Norma prattled on about how the parochial views of some local rednecks annoyed her with the epenthesis of the word nuclear, pronouncing it instead "nuke-q-ler." Josephine quickly deked out of this conversation to go use the facilities for a moment. Though Josephine believed herself to have sciential knowledge of restroom expectations, she was surprised when the sink fell off the wall and shattered onto her toe. Despite Norma's yeasty ideas and humorous banter, it seems that there are no clear cut, bright-line rules regarding the liability of a restaurant in the matter of plumbing accoutrements plummeting from walls. Josephine spent the next 6 hours alternating between self-pity and overt navel-gazing as she focused only on Number One for the duration of the night. Though she tried to find the spirit of carpe diem and make the most of this exciting, blog-worthy experience, it seems that she actually spent most of the evening whinging about her pain and inconvenience. The End.

Now that I have properly exacerbated my nerd status, please let me know how many of these words I misused. In the future, these Word of the Day words will be inserted with a [WOTD] notation beside them to be understood my only my most devoted and highly introspective readers. Did YOU get the gist of my tale? What would you rank my nerdiness on a scale of 1 to 10?

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