Friday, December 23, 2005


Ya'll are so nice. I feel much better now. Every now and then I have to read those comments for affirmation that I'm not going crazy. Within the school, all of those issues are treated as perfectly normal events. As someone pointed out, there hasn't really been a zinger since last year's Serve the Parents ordeal. I'm not planning on filing a grievance, but I do plan on at least expressing my disappointment to my administrator. I think that's truly what I am: disappointed. I really thought that in a time of need against something that is so blatantly disrespectful that I would have the support of my principal. It's just sad to find out where someone's priorities really are, and it's painful to witness such insecurity to that extreme of honoring parent's abusive desires over teacher's well-deserved respect. That's all I'm going to say about that.
It's amazing how good it can feel to drive 1200 miles away from that place! We are officially in Podunk, South Carolina: the quietest place on earth. At night you can hear silence; it's the creepiest thing ever, but kinda relaxing. All Gus wants to do it go for walks to explore the woods and pond and to go visit the pack of hunting beagles over the way. His Christmas present from his grandparents was a rather dapper little dog coat that goes over his back like a cape and has reflective strips around the edges. He's a jaunty little beagle in it. It says Augustus across the bottom in a rather magnificent script. I'll have to post a picture when I return to the land of DSL.
I spent all of yesterday sitting on my tookus and today I will spend...sitting on my tookus. Vacation is grand. At least I'm out of the car! I'm not very good at sitting still all those hours. We hurtle through time and space in a possessed effort to beat last year's time (think Griswald's Vacation). This year we made it with only three stops and a total of 16.75 hours: our personal best. I must log off the dial up now and resume my lounging activities. Thanks again for your opinions and reassurances that I'm not crazy. Merry Christmas!

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