Wednesday, November 02, 2005



I feel snarky today, but I don't know why. I did something weird to my neck on Sunday and it's gotten worse since then. I spent the night doing that thing where you try to bunch your pillow at all kinds of strange angles to relieve the pain, then just forego the whole darned thing altogether. I woke up with my head plastered to my mattress and my face all scrunched up with sleep lines. Those foxy bad boys stuck around even after a shower.

Then I forgot to make the coffee. I drink half-caff coffee, so it's not even the fix that I'm after. It's just the pleasant routine of something warm to drink on these chilly 46 degree mornings. (Disregard the fact that it gets into the 80s in the afternoon. Bygones. It's my ritual.....See? Snarky!)

Despite my Really Huge Breakthrough yesterday in which I wore a tennis shoe around the block, I was crushed this morning to find out that the dress shoes still don't work. I strapped on my Jimmy and trudged my way to the car.

Upon arriving to school, I encountered several faculty members dressed in their sweatsuits. My black pants and green button-up suddenly looked a bit overdressed as I remembered that today was Warm-up Wednesday. Then I felt torn. While I am a fan of the occasional jeans day at work, I have a real issue with wearing sweatpants or warm up clothes to school. I think it's unprofessional and sloppy. I became more annoyed when I went to the office to get some coffee and the administration was yaya-ing about how it served the people right who didn't read the calendar that they didn't get to wear their warmups. I read the calendar. While I did indeed forget about the Sweatpants Mania Day, it was likely because I wasn't planning to participate. It troubles me that it's even offered. So how is it that I am made to feel stupid for dressing professionally for my job? I'm troubled.

Then, then! There are a couple of bugs going around the school. A little stomach number and a flu-like headache-y jobbie. Our nurse really believes herself to be the Director of Forms and Information and Keeping Kids Away From Her. She's always sending school wide emails declaring the need for last names on forms and not sending kids for bandaids, etc. I agree these things are important. However, I am Super Nurse Nan down in my room. I feel heads, I check temperatures, and I always, always send a kid for a wet papertowel (a cure all in fourth grade, just a little attention goes a long way) before sending them to the nurse. What really burns my biscuits and turns me into Mrs. Snarkysnark is that the nurse closes the clinic. She closes it! She sent an email today that no one else should be sent to the clinic because it was full.'s full because there are many feverish sick children? Shouldn't they be out of the classroom? Isn't that kind of, um...her job? BAH! Snarky.

In an effort to cheer myself, I leave you with the first little number from my tacky pen collection:

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