Tuesday, November 01, 2005

But and Of. Two Small Words Make a Day Special.

Since I didn't hear overwhelming excitement from my comment box over the prospect of viewing my tacky pen collection, I will instead share a Deep Thought which came from my classroom today.

Picture it: a student gazing at the board, pondering deeply life's many scenarios. I walk by. The student jumps in her chair, alert.

Student: Mrs?
Me: Yes?
Student: I just figured out my favorite word to write in cursive!
Me: Oh, really? Do tell.
Student: Of! Because "o" and "f" are my favorite letters.
Me: Ahhhh...I see where you're coming from. Good call.

Later, while working on a lesson on combining sentences: I presented the two sentences to the class. I love my sister's new game. She won't let me play it. We reviewed conjunctions quickly and began debating the best one to use.

Me: What do y'all think?
Students: [waving hands and writhing in chairs.]

Since it was such a slam dunk, it seemed a good chance to let everyone answer.

Me: Everybody? [I motioned them on in a chorus.]
Everybody: BUT! [big smiles turn into a collective gasp.]

I look up. My principal had just walked in the doorway.

Me: Heh, heh...uh...heh, heh. A little lesson on conjunctions to start us out. Heh...


Guess what? Only three more days until my one year blogversary. How 'bout them apples? Start thinking about what gift you are going to give me...

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