Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lapse of Judgment

Some days, there's just nothing to write about. Some days, you spend the whole afternoon loafing around the computer, unsure of exactly what may have transpired during the last 2 hours. Some days you just might step outside to get the mail and find yourself in a conversation with a neighbor for twenty minutes or so. It just might be on one of those days that your beagle decides to take advantage of the fact that you left the office door open for those twenty precious minutes and find his way into a leeeetle piece of doggie heaven: your trash.

Coveted bits of candy wrappers, dirty Kleenex, and dirty napkins from mom's snacks eaten in front of the computer. Ummm....old greasy goodness. You can't beat that. Old bills are fun to gnash with puppy teeth and those gnarly twist ties are unbeatable fun. What more does a dog want? The sound of the opening front door prompts Scooby Doo-style running attempts on hardwood floors. Gus scampers away. He darts left, he darts right.....he is distracted by a granola bar wrapper that he missed! He is snatched and dragged to the scene of the crime. Where he proceeds to give a practiced innocent, yet confused, yet irresistable kind of look. I give in and start snapping pictures. It's so sad.

In other news today, I went to go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was really good. I'm surprised none of those movies have disappointed me, but I've really liked them all. I was impressed that they were able to fit most of the fourth book into a movie, considering how much happened in that book. It was obviously condensed, but still really good. I think it deserves its PG-13 rating and was kind of appalled at how many young, young children were in the theater. I think that kids that are 9 or 10 years old would be okay if they have read and understood the book, but most kids that age can't read on that level. Anyway, I'll jump off my soapbox and resign myself to the fact that most parents out there haven't taken my extensive "I Know I Don't Have Kids Yet, But I Think I Know What I'm Talking About" course. Or its critically acclaimed follow up class "What You've Done to Your Kids Has Taught Me What Not To Do With Mine." Ya know.

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