Tuesday, November 22, 2005

By the By...

You may have noticed an odd little person commenting of late, referring to himself in third person as The MAN. Please do not be alarmed. I repeat, please do not be alarmed. This individual has recently been admitted into our lair by me and is completely approved. You have actually heard of him before....please go back in time with me to mid-August when I was griping about this "man teacher" next door who, as of the day before Meet the Teacher, had yet to decorate his room. Then recall that he pulled it off swimmingly at the last moment and all was forgiven. Ah, yes. I've gotten over his, um...methods, and learned to quite enjoy working with the man. [Incidentally, this is not why he refers to himself as "The MAN." That is his own little idiosyncracy that we must tolerate.] Prior to meeting The MAN, I truly believed myself to be the cheapest person I knew. I have officially been relieved of that title and am now learning from the master cheapskate himself. The good news about The MAN being online with us is that I now have validation for the stories that no one will believe, like last year when I described the Volunteer Luncheon scandal....yeah. No need to beat that horse again. Anyway, just wanted to introduce you to my teammate and let you know that despite his rather cryptic comments, he's an okay guy. You should also all be aware that a little testosterone really helps with the catty team issues. It's quite the relief to not worry about people's feelings getting hurt and who will be "mad" if I say something. I will stop now because this has tremendous potential to turn into a rant. Welcome, MAN!

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