Monday, October 10, 2005

"Your loss. It's a smell I've never encountered before."

Toe is still holding. I am still only able to wear a flip flop, so I'm hoping our beautiful 80 degree fall weather that we just got on Thursday will last for some time. Meredith just mentioned snow in her post, which is completely alarming to me. As usual, I digress.
I wanted to stray from the topic of my foot and bring back a bit of good 'ol Mr. Owens today. We had a teacher conference today, Mr. Owens and I, which is always quite the experience. He is laden with voice and enthusiasm in his writing, though not a lot of focus or direction. Today's story was about vampire bats and how one wrapped itself in Band-Aids to change into a mummy. Of course! Why didn't I think of that when it's so clear there in front of me?
Did I mention that Mr. Owens broke his arm? Well, he did. No need to go into detail there because the exciting part is that he got a cast last week. He and his cast sat down to teacher conference with me today.

Me: Hi Mr. Owens! Ready to read your story to me?
Mr. Owens: Yup. But I have to explain some of the background to you. My father is a disaster-prone maniac.
Me: I see where that might make a good story! Let's hear it!
Mr. Owens: Want to smell my cast? [proffers cast just under my nose]
Me: [gagging] You know? I'll pass this time? How about that story?
Mr. Owens: [shrugs] Your loss. It's a smell I've never encountered before.

So what'd you do at your job today?

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