Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Housewarming!

Welcome! I cannot describe how relieved I feel to be at a new address, all safe and sound. Thanks so much to EdWonk for helping me with the transition and to Ev for helping me understand all of the url-speak that sounds like Greek to me.

I sent most of you an explanation of what happened, so I won't go into it here. Email me if you want the abbreviated version. We will not be airing dirty laundry! Let's celebrate instead!

Things to celebrate:

-I have a safe new blog home.
-My toe has healed beautifully and I can even walk without looking like a duck.
-It's a lovely 85 degrees and sunny out; such a nice break from summer!
-It's the weekend and I got to sleep in!
-I have many, many people who I had no idea even read my blog send me email requests for the new address.

I'm going to revel in happiness while you smother me in kind, housewarming comments. Go! Now smother!


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