Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Coupla Things...

I go to the foot doctor tomorrow. I don't know if it's for a consultation or if they're going to actually go after the sink remnants in my toe at the appointment. I'm completely skeeved out by even the thought of someone going near my toe. I still hardly touch it myself! So that's that.

Also tomorrow, we have a professional development day. There is apparently no such thing as a teacher workday in this district. I swear, I really believe that the jokers up in Central Office must sit around and plot ways to prevent teachers from having an ounce of paid time to get any work done. In the morning, I will be attending a four hour seminar on inquistive thinking in science. It's taught by someone who is very very gifted in science and will do an outstanding job. Only problem? I don't teach science. Haven't taught science in about four years. So how does this benefit me? Answer: it doesn't, but I am being effectively controlled for half of my day. We have been specifically instructed not to be "caught" grading papers or working on report cards. Sigh. I will say this, though. My principal is letting us have the afternoon for team planning at least. All of the other schools in the district have another session in the afternoon. Gah!

One last off-topic question before I go. My husband really, really enjoys taking the can of wasp spray outside, blasting a nest with it, then racing back to the house screaming like a girl. Once inside, he marvels at how many wasps come out and high fives himself. Is this normal behavior? Just curious.

On that note, one last, last comment: I hate saying words like wasps or crisps. It makes everyone say that ridiculous "sspss" noise at the end of the word, plus the word takes too long to get out if you're talking fast. That's all I have to say about that.

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