Sunday, October 30, 2005

Everything But the Bathroom Sink....a reader request post

Despite my husband racing for the camera upon my cry of, "I found a piece of sink!" he did not actually make it in time to capture the surgical event before I was hopping about the house like a pirate with fresh booty. I had been waiting for that little piece of porcelain to emerge for 30 calendar days. Well, really only about 18 calendar days. Since I found out per my x-ray that the little bugger was actually in there: (click for more conclusive evidence)

The surgery was a simple process. I take great satisfaction in most anything that I can do with a needle, a pair of tweezers, and some fingernail clippers. You'd be amazed by all that you can truly take care of yourself at home, but I digress. After encountering a suspect bit of Clinger Hangy Skin [technical surgical term, I'll try to keep it in layman's terms for the rest of the post], I reached for my handy home surgery kit and began plundering about eagerly. After just moments, I spotted a gleam of white and with great dexterity and surgical ease unearthed a fine sliver of porcelain.

"Land ho!" I shouted, triumphantly waving my find in the air betwixt my tweezers. I paused, unsure what to do next. Then, "Do you think I can wear a shoe now?" Tweezers and foreign body from foot still in hand, I gingerly tested out a pair of sneakers. YOW! Nope, not quite yet. On to the documentation process. I give to you (and my future lawyer, courtroom, and jury)

Exhibit A: The Specimen

And Exhibit B: The Specimen with Scale

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case. Also, before the requests start pouring in, Cousineddie claimed the specimen long ago. As soon as we found out the goods were in there, she laid her claim to the souvenir in the case that the sliver 'o sink worked its way out. It will be delivered to her for Christmas, framed and preserved for all time.

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