Saturday, October 29, 2005

My thoughts for today

1. Men should never - EVER - wear jean shorts. I cannot think of any circumstance in which this would be okay.

2. People ought not sing along with the piped in music as they walk around a store. Especially not when they are with me.

3. Some days Texas freaks me out. Especially those days when my in-laws make me walk around a western wear store. On purpose and with serious intentions.

4. One's best friend ought not call one when while inebriated past one's bedtime to inquire about ethical personal matters of the heart. One might think it's the alarm going off instead of the phone and spill one's water all over the nightstand. One also might have a racing heart from the brief moment in which one thought that the phone was the fire alarm was going off. Those palpatations might prevent one from falling back to sleep despite the fact that one's spouse and one's beagle are snoring heavily.

5. I saved the best for last. GUESS WHAT? A piece of porcelain came out of my toe today! Oh yeah, baby - home surgery rocks!

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