Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Captain Obvious

I feel obligated to write something, since few seemed to appreciate my "crusty nose and boogers" post yesterday. I was in the throes of deepest nastiness and needed to share. I really thought that taking today off would be some magical cure-all for this unsightly cold. I expected to show up to Open House tonight all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go. Not so much.

Open House went really well! We tried something new in our presentation that didn't involve a microphone or a stage [my two fears rolled into one: public speaking and strong odds of tripping] and it really seemed to be effective. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Can you believe I don't have any oddwad parent stories? They were all really pleasant and well-mannered. At the end, I was only bumrushed by three parents attempting to monopolize all of my time. Not too shabby! So that brings us to something that troubles me.

[abrupt change of subject] Why is it necessary to inscribe the directions "Slide finger under flap" atop every cardboard box containing a food product? Did someone along the way really struggle with that? Really? I just have a hard time seeing that. My day today was so pleasant that that, my friends, is the most troublesome thought that I have on my mind just now.

How ya like them apples?


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