Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Job Hazard

"Mrs! Mrs! You're back! Where were you?" Anxious voices greeted me from every direction as I was plied with hugs and pats. I apparently traumatized 40 small children with my absence, though they were quick to ask me why I didn't give them "fun pages" like the sub did. Harumph.
Smack! A small figure plowed into me at top speed and grasped me firmly around the waist.
"I missed you!" it said, muffled into my belly, from whence it spoke. I grasped its head and gently pried it off of my stomach.
"You cut your hair!" I noticed with a smile to my little cuddle-bunny. She shook her hair out with glee to show me the new do in all its glory. "And you dyed it blonde!" A peculiar yellow sheen glowed from within her roots. She buried her head back into my core and attempted to squeeze the life out of me while wallering her blonde tresses all over my shirt.
"Ish fhrom eh eyesh ampu," I heard.
"Say it again? Not to my stomach?" I requested, checking out her newly shorn locks.
"It's from the lice shampoo!" she squealed with a grin. "Doesn't it look cooooooool? It's dyed like my mom's!"

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