Monday, May 23, 2005

Insanity Update

Gussje inquired about the state of the warring factions from last week. After the police escort, the crazy one had the audacity to return to campus the next morning as though nothing had happened! She had driven over to the school and had been briefly stopped by the crossing guard allowing children to cross the road. To avoid a traffic back-up, the guard and the cop count stopped cars (with their finger) until they reach a certain amount, then they let traffic go. Crazy One came into the office to file an official complaint that the crossing guard and the cop were pointing at her and talking about her. Paranoia, anyone?

Then, she and her fellow headcases passed out invitations to the fifth grade luau (they're really into luaus this year) for Thursday night. And told us that we are required to be there. At night! These are not even children I taught this year! Since when can a parent require us to be somewhere period, much less at night? Oh, but at our school they can. Word came down from the same folks who organized the 'ol parent volunteer luncheon. (not administrators, but the admin supports whatever orders they give us.)

Now, if you are a teacher, you know that there is an exorbitant amount of paperwork and "moving of things" in the last couple of weeks of school. At least there always has been in the past...back when we used to get an end of the year checklist a few weeks before school was out. I timidly broached the secretary about this list today.

Me: Um, hi? [smile] Do you happen to know when we will be getting our end of year checklist?

Secretary: [scathing glare]

Me: I mean, no rush, it's just that there are only 4 days left and I'd like to get star-...well, maybe we're not doing one this year? Are we going to get one? [hesitant hopeful, pleasant smile]

Secretary: YES. [faces computer, types, ignores me]

Me: Um, okay....thanks! [skitter out door before her broom can hit me] that really an appropriate way to treat people? Everyone in this school walks all over people. Primarily parents and this secretary. She has a tiara on her desk. For real. You know what's on my desk? All the paperwork that I can't do because no one will give me a blasted checklist or any of the spreadsheets on which to do it!

It is very clear that we are going to have to work very late hours this week, but now I'm going to have to squeeze those hours in between the mandatory Luau and our Wild Wacky Faculty Meeting that just got scheduled for Wednesday. Now, there is no reason to have a meeting, mind you (unless they were planning to give us our checklist there), but the office staff thought it would be "fun" to have a Wild and Wacky Awards Ceremony for the teachers. In other words? Another chance to make fun of us in public, in case no one got their fill when we were waiting tables and eating off the servant plates at the parent volunteer soiree. We got an email today demanding that we submit the wacky awards for our teammates. Because we don't have any paperwork or anything we could be doing. ARGH!!!

Oh, dear blog, whatever would I do without you? Who would listen to my woes? Thank you, blog.

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