Tuesday, May 24, 2005

You put the lime in the coconut, drink 'em both up...

Thanks for all of the clever ideas regarding my impending luau. Unfortunately, our lack of unions pretty much mandates my attendance at this riveting event. I'm still close to a lot of those kids and their parents, so I'd feel kind of bad if I didn't attend, I suppose. I suspect that we are being given some type of thank you reward, perhaps they'll offer us some more of their garage sale items, who knows? It can hardly miss. I'll be there, though probably not with bells on. My teammates think we should go to happy hour before the luau to make the event a bit more festive. Hee! We'll see what happens there.

There was an important development today...we finally got our coveted checklist! I printed that bad boy out and went to town checking stuff off right and left. It seems to me that if you are requiring your teachers to complete a three page checklist of duties in order for them to comp out of their Saturday workday (YES! A Saturday workday! Have you ever heard of such?) that you would provide them with such a list a bit before now. When there are 3 days of school left. But whatever. I have it and I plan to be the first one to turn mine in.

I only offended one parent today, which is pretty good considering the swarm of them who were volunteering for our leadership stations two day event. (Read: fill up day so teachers can slave over checklists) I had a horrific group of darlings come through my station second today. They were AWFUL and the parent in charge of the group before me said the same thing. At lunch I dropped the comment, "I pity the fool who has the red group next!" and of course, one of the parent's son was in that group, etc. etc. I've got to learn to keep my mouth shut. She didn't say anything to me, but made it a point to come tell me later how fabulously well-behaved that group was for her. OHHHH-kay, lady. Whatevah. I'm picking my battles.

Did I mention that I'm going to Jamaica in just THREE DAYS?! Oh, yeah, baby!!

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