Friday, April 15, 2005

A Public Rant.

Why are some people just difficult? And mean just for the sake of being mean? As a sport, even. I don't see why it's necessary to purposefully do things to make life complicated for others. I don't understand why some people are so insecure about themselves that they must a) blame other people for problems which they created, or b) put other people down to make themselves feel better. Con-stant-ly. And, AND! Do people not understand when you tell them something that it's rude and inappropriate to repeat it to another party whom it may have concerned? Has anyone in the teaching world ever heard of discretion? EVER?! Why is it that some people just live for the opportunity to revel in someone else's discomfort. You know those people who never think twice about saying something hurtful or putting someone on the spot in front of other people? People who pick fights and then argue - loudly - while everyone else sits there are squirms uncomfortably? Okay, I squirm. I am apparently the only one truly bothered by this cruel immaturity. Why can't people just be nice to each other and get along? How HARD is that?! We are examples to children. It is INAPPROPRIATE to come into someone's classroom and talk to them like a dog in front of children! You just don't do that! Go buy some common sense! I refuse to have any part of being team leader on my maniacly dysfuncunctional team next year should I be asked as rumor has it. Refuse.

That's all I have to say about that. Thanks for listening. That will be all.

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