Thursday, April 14, 2005

Can't see the lines, can ya Russ?

First, let's just say that I rock! I'm happy as a lark over my summative evaluation. Apparently, my cheesy answers on my self report got me somewhere afterall. I, When Pigs Sing, am on file as an exemplary teacher. That's right! Me. I will stop talking about it now because if you don't teach, this really doesn't mean very much to you. (but before I stop, my favorite comment said, "You are a model for all to observe...the reading/writing workshop is a model in your classroom." Isn't that fabulous?) (I can't stop, really. You know why? Because my second favorite comment was, "Your sharp mind and wit contribute to the learning of your students." Heee! My sarcasm has been justified at last!!!) Okay, really really stopping now.
In other news today, I drank a big glass of milk. This wouldn't seem such a big deal if I hadn't become somewhat lactose intolerant since I met Mike. You see, he is rather...sensitive to milk, so I haven't been drinking it as much and somehow I have regressed in my own perfectly fine tolerance. This is all a very nice way of saying I have wicked-nasty gas. I've been whizzpopping all over the place and I'm about to run myself out of the house. I thought I'd share. ( I may have just run off a whole mess of readers in one fell swoop with that one, but if you're going to stick around, you're going to enjoy my love of anything bathroom.)
Say, did I mention that I am "adept at asking high level questions and do an excellent job of modeling the thinking and writing process"? Cause apparently I am! *butterchurn dance* I promise you I am normally not quite this self-absorbed. Always somewhat self-absorbed, but this is over the top, I admit.
Took a half day today and went back to the cardiologist for my echocardiogram. It was big fun! That machine is really awesome! I got to see my heart on the screen and I asked about fifty questions until the technician finally told me that she couldn't interpret the test, she was only administering it. In other words, "be quiet and let me do my job." I then quietly watched the neat moving picture of my heart on the screen in awe. I only asked one other question about what the colors meant and other than that was a model patient.
My day is ending on a sour note. I generally consider myself to be a really good speller, but I found this spelling quiz today and really disappointed myself. I only got 19 out of 23. My score really brought me down off my high horse about my evaluation, I tell you. Bummer.

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