Saturday, April 16, 2005

It Was an Accident. By Gus.

Dear Friends of Mom and Dad:

It's me, Gus the Beagle, here and mom says I gotta write an apology note for what happened. You know, before? When I came over to your house to meet your dogs earlier today, I know that all of that was for my own future comfort. You wanted me to feel welcome and unafraid when I stay with you in a couple of weeks when Mom and Dad go out of town. I know all that and I certainly do appreciate it. Y'all are right nice people.

See, I really didn't mean to misbehave at your house. I started out acting shy and demure so that you would see that I really am an extra nice dog. I am truly a joy to babysit. But when I saw that rabbit though...I just can't explain what happens to me! It makes me crazy, man! I can hear mom saying no, but all I know is I just gotta have that rabbit! I get possessed! Plus, you got to see how fast I can run. Pretty fast, huh?

And then, I didn't really mean to dig under your fence like that. Mom told me on the way home that was bad manners and I'm gonna try real hard not to do that when I go back. It's just...I knew that rabbit was over there! Ooooh, I could smell his rabbity goodness!

(Sigh) Okay, but what I'm most sorry about was what happened right before Mom made me leave. I just lost control of myself, I did. *head hung in shame* When that second rabbit appeared right at the bottom of your yard? I knew I didn't have a chance, 'cause he was a fast 'ol rabbit, but I tried, I tried real real hard to get him. But then...then....I remembered where he came from. And...and I went right over to that bunny nest and stuck my snout down inside it. I wasn't even thinking with my brain, I was just out of control! I had the bunny scent up in my nose! I just can't be good when that happens! I heard Mom screamin', but I still couldn't drop that baby bunny. I just thought he was a toy. [If y'all could get this darned instinct removed from me, this would all be a lot easier!]

I'm sorry that Mom had to pry my jaws open and release the bunny. I'm real, real sorry that I still wanted to get after it even when it was writhing in pain and hurt there in the grass. I just couldn't help myself, I guess. But I'm most sorry that Mr. Dan had to break his little neck to put him out of his misery. I never, ever, ever meant to put y'all through that. *head resting on paws* I feel right bad about it now, I do.

Anyway, I just hope that you'll still have me. I promise to be on my top-notch, beagletastic, best behavior. I won't hurt anything or, you know, bite at it or anything. I won't even sniff! Well, maybe some sniffing, just to make sure y'all are safe and all. But no more rabbits! No, sirree! I have sworn off of that. I just feel horrible about doing that the first time I came over. Mom was just real, real embarrassed. In fact, she won't even feed me until I finish this apology! (And let me tell you - I am STARVED. Do you know how much energy it takes to get after one of them rabbits?? They are FAST, let me tell you!) Ahem.

So in closing, I was wrong and I hope you can find it in your hearts to babysit for me. Please? *Puppy dog eyes*

Licks and cuddles,
Augustus Mortimer

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