Friday, April 08, 2005

Neck implant conspiracy

Happy 20,038th hit to you! I was planning to celebrate my 20,000th hit, but when I got home from school, it seems that it had gone on without me. Rather anticlimactic, really. It’s a shame, too. I had balloons and noise makers and streamers all ready to go…it was a throw down in the making! Instead, imagine me sitting here at my desk celebrating. I’m going to start with the butterchurn dance.


And now we’re going to do the sprinkler!


Okay, that’s about all the celebrating necessary for today. We’ll do it again at 50,000. It’s been real.
To commemorate today’s fun event, I will share with you a Top Ten List of my favorite keywords used to reach my blog today:

10. Supposedly or supposably
9. Licefest 2004
8. "Aqua net" bangs
7. "Snake season" east Virginia
6. Orthodontic headgear belches
5. Pictures of yoga downward dog move
4. Stank collarbones
3. Tall stud in "basketball shorts"
2. Inconsequential crevasses
1. Neck implant conspiracy

I’m most curious about the inconsequential crevasses and the neck implant conspiracy. Under what bizarre circumstances would a person need to search for either of those? The person who can come up with the most interesting scenario for either one will be declared the Inconsequential Winner of 20,000th Day! (A coveted title for which many are vying.)

**Note: We are now at 20, 240 as it took me two days to post this. Delightful stuff, that Blogger.

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