Saturday, April 09, 2005

Honor the Texas Flag. I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible.

Don't know if it's teaching about Texas' statehood or what, but occasionally I can admit to things I like about Texas.

1. To blend in, the state troopers drive pickup trucks. This is fairly nifty. They do not have gun racks.
2. Roadkill often takes the form of an armadillo. Takes kind of a while to disintegrate, but is interesting nonetheless.
3. Mexican food is plentiful and always tasty. There are no bad margaritas.
4. Aside from random hailstorms, the weather is lovely. Even when it's 105 degrees, it still beats the cold.
5. People can drive! They use turn signals and check their blindspot. They go 5mph over the speed limit on highways. There is no need to post a minimum speed limit sign. (all of this is void, of course, when it rains.)

Now, there's a list of things I don't like too, but I'm going to be all positive and stuff today. And then I'm going to plan to go to school on Monday and at least teach 44 people in this state that it is, in fact, a state now and no longer a republic. Some people around here seem to believe otherwise....

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