Wednesday, April 06, 2005


There's this kid. She's a nice kid. Smart, generally happy, creative. But I think there's other kids inside there. Because she stares at me with squinty mean eyes, pursing her lips and showing her teeth. Then she'll give me a snuggly hug and a cheek nuzzle. Followed by a growl.
She's an odd bird for sure, but very likeable. I like all of her personalities. Some make me laugh and others make me want to take her home and help her get normal. Her parents punish her excessively for the variances in her behavior. Like I said, she's an odd bird. Some days she will only communicate through drawing. Other days she tries to stand in my shadow all day. Once, she came to school and thought herself a horse. All day. Except on the playground sometimes she's a dragon or a cheetah and lunges at people with a shriek.
Today was different. Today she cycled through all of them one after another. She squinty-eyed me, then drew. She hid in a corner with her book, then hugged me, interrupting a reading group. The other kids are used to her and just go along with whatever she's doing that day as long as she's not hurting them. But then she decided that today she was only going to communicate using one word: peeka. Not sure what it means, but she used it as a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb. While hopping squatted on the floor like a frog.
Me: What's wrong? (Look at hopping creature on floor)
Her: Peeka! (staring)
Me: Can you talk to me?
Her: Peekaly Peeka! Peeka! (hop, bounce)
It continued for the rest of my reading groups, quietly when I would look at her. She was content just to peeka beside me and did her work. On the playground, she hopped around for most of the time, drifting in and out of groups of kids.
Wonder what's wrong with her? I want to refer her, but I'm not sure for what.

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