Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Wash your hands." (ya freak)

How old does a child have to be before they learn that it's inappropriate to pick their nose in public? According to their parents, these children would be scarred to the core for life if I forced them to stay in at recess to finish the homework they didn't do, but their child sure shows no sign of humiliation in class when they insert their finger into their nostril, mine for boogers, and then wipe it on the underside of my desks. Or eat it. Or look at it closely to see what they caught.
A lot of people will look the other way so as not to embarrass the child. This is probably a kind thing to do. I stare at nosepickers. LIke I'm watching a good movie. When at last they look up from their booger reverie, I smile and say, "Wash your hands." Don't think everyone doesn't know what that means. More code.
Would you let your child be in my class? I'm just trying to promote real world learning, consequences and skills. They'll run me out of these suburbs in the next three years for sure. No one wants someone teaching their kid about real life. That's something to protect them from until they're 18 and have no idea how to take care of themselves. Sometimes I miss the ghetto. But then I remember how hard my job was. How did I get from booger picking to this? Hmmm. I'm a bit rambly and disjointed today.


Lea said...

Oh, Ginny - I can sooo relate! My "boys" serenaded me with armpit music today! And these are the people who are going to take care of us in our old age? AUGH!!!

Greg said...

It is time for You to find a new career.

Jim said...

Heck yeah, I'd put my kids in your class. Forget about readin, ritin, and rithmetic - if you could help me convince them that booger picking is a "private science" that alone is worth the price of admission.

Any chance you have a "farts really aren't that funny" course plan?

Dree said...

I had a multi-tasking nose-picker in my room today... she was using one hand to suck her thumb, and the other hand to pick her nose. Ick. And needless to say, neither hand was holding a pencil to do her work.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ginny--my daughter just sent me your blog. You are not alone. Other teachers and former teachers feel your pain. It's good to let off steam on a blog. It will make you a beter teacher. Your observations are funny and right on. A teacher with a wry sense of humor! Would that more parents were so gifted.

katie p.

Steve said...

I agree - schools today do great with reading, writing, and 'Rithmatic, but don't touch the basics of behavior.

Nose picking is a problem, but I would be more concerned with those kids who never learn respect for other people. They're the ones who never show up when you're counting on them, or who call you names behind your back when they grow up.

Games are for Children

Anna said...

OK, teacher, what do you do about chronic gas, either belching or otherwise? That was an issue in my classroom before I went back to grad school... :)

Oh, and thanks for visiting Inkblots.

Pigs said...

Ah, gas. Someone remind me to post about gas later. One of my favorite topics, gas.