Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Open House Jollies

Open House: (noun) 1) A dog and pony show presented by desperate teachers under pressure from their administration to impress parents. 2) An opportunity to corner your child's teacher during time for which she is not paid. Consider monopolizing her time for maximum benefit to you. Remember to let your children run wild.

While all of the surrounding districts in the area are on Spring Break this week, we got to enjoy Open House. Despite the fact that my grade level spent much time, effort and money creating a scavenger hunt which traversed the entire campus [read: get out of our rooms and leave us alone], copious amounts of parents managed to send their children on the scavenger hunt and remain in the room to speak "confidentially" to us. Yay.

Very Important Confidential Topics included, but were not limited to:

1. Why doesn't the other teacher put grades on her papers? [ask her]
2. Do you think my child is gifted? [no]
3. Did my child draw that? It looks like how she draws cats.
4. How long have you been married?
5. Can you put my child in X teacher's room next year? [no, unless you get me a really good end of the year present]

Clearly, this evening was a good use of my time. I'm now going to take my migraine medicine and go to bed.

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GuusjeM said...

I think teaching is the only profession that expects people to work late and still show up when the bell rings in the morning. My Beloved pulls late hours but she also takes Friday afternoon off to play golf.