Tuesday, March 08, 2005

By the way...

just wanted to point out that it's Tuesday again. Told ya.


GuusjeM said...

I'm on Spring Break and the sun is shining. It's gonna be a good Tuesday at my end!

Badaunt said...

You didn't try the drinking cure?

Malin said...

Oh yeah, tuesday again. It's horrible :(. The weekend is so far away :(

leesepea said...

While getting ready this morning, I shot the following comment to my boyfriend, who was still lazing around in bed (he leaves twenty minutes after me):

"I can't believe it's only Tuesday."

His response: "Jeez. You're right. That really sucks."

Love your insights. Love reading about your adventures in the classroom. We have three more weeks until spring break out here, and even then there are several districts with year-round schools who only take one day off, which they call "Spring Recess Day."

It's actually a teacher prep day, but as a sub, it's the only day off I can count on actually having until Memorial Day.