Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fried Like a Pickle

I am obsessed with warm weather. I track it, predict it, and covet it when it happens. Sunshine and warm weather turn me into this dancy-skippy creature who I don't know very well. People around me don't know quite what to do when it first happens and I actually uncross my arms because I'm not cold for the first time all year. My demeanor becomes slightly less cynical (not too much though) and slightly more...dare I say perky? I hate perky. But I love warm weather.
We officially seem to be in spring now. The trees are greening, the flowers are up, the temperature is consistently above 70. It does strange things to me. Just this week, I have hulahooped, jump-roped, and today I played a game of tetherball. And lost miserably. It turns out that I'm still not good at tetherball because I am deathly afraid of the ball. I screamed 3 times and turned an ankle trying to duck from the ball. But the kids loved it and cheered and raved for the rest of the day about what an awesome player I am. Hee.
I adore laying out. Yes, I know about cancer and all that stuff, but I just LOVE it. I don't like tanning beds, I like to get my cancer the old fashioned way. I spent about ten minutes of recess today gazing into the sun and dreaming of tan lines and coconut lotion. Ahhhh....we hit 80 today and I could've stayed outside all day. 85 degrees is the perfect temperature in my opinion. Hot enough to get sweaty and get in a pool, but cool enough to not fry you on a tennis court. A nice round 85.
I'm ready for summer preparations.
First, must do toes. Need pedicure. Must do own, as am freakishly ticklish and once kicked kind Jamaican woman near face during spa treatment.
Second, must commit to new shaving habits. Time to upgrade the shaving schedule and exfoliate legs.
Third, must clean up lounge chair and round up new sunscreens. Never use old. They expire. Stephanie once fried like a pickle [where on earth did that phrase come from?] at the beach as a tragic result of old sunscreen.
Fourth, must get away from computer. [writer has left computer.]


Bubba said...

28 degrees here today, but I think we got to 35. We will have spring in 1.5 months.

katielady said...

Yep, it snowed here today. Boo. I used to be a sun-goddess, but am now worried about aging my skin too quickly. I plan on looking 28 for at least another 10 years, and my mom's wrinkled, sun-damaged skin courteousy of 2 years in Guam has made a believer out of me. I get my tan out of a bottle now, but still like to sit in the sun and feel it soaking in. And maybe get a few tan lines.... ;)

Joel asks if he can see your tan lines any time soon.

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