Saturday, March 05, 2005

It's Green With Stripes!

"Do you know what this thing is on my hand?" Small hand with black smear is thrust into my face at close range. I honestly don't want to know what's on that hand. I guide the suspect hand toward the lockers and brace myself for the rest of the darlings entering the room that morning.
"Mrs. R! Do you like horses?" I shook my head, trying to avoid the cacophony that I knew would come next if I indulged their question too much and guided them to the lockers....there. I was safe. "I like dogs!" piped in another in answer to the previous question. Doh! So close! I didn't dodge the contagious "I have/I like" eruption this morning. "I like cats!" "I have a hamster, two fish, and a dog!" "I have two cats!" "Well, I have a big dog, a little dog, and a bird! Who likes birds?" "My cat eats birds!" "Well, I like horses." "One time, I rode a horse at camp by myself!" "My hamster had babies!" And so on and so on until the bell rang.
We sat in line semi-quietly, relieved of the morning's explosive pet confessional. The kids looked around during the minute of silence, taking in their surroundings. Suddenly, two hands shot into the air, their owners' eyes filled with urgent longing to be called upon. I held up a finger and deliberately waited until we were released from the minute of silence. Teachers must set a good example. I was pleased to see all of their eyes on me while they waited expectantly. Forty long seconds passed. "Yes?" I asked, proud of them all for looking at me. "Your zipper is down!" they exclaimed in unison.
Oh, good. So it was going to be one of those days. I zipped casually and motioned my line to leave for music. I saw whispering. "It's green with stripes!" I heard accompanied with excessive giggling. Oh, fabulous! I had cleverly selected some vibrantly colored undies from the collection for the day I wear a faulty zipper. May as well do it right, I suppose. I certainly made their day.


katielady said...

That is so funny! I have fears of this, but do not have the advantage of having little people around to inform me of said zipper problem. The worst are the pants with 2+ closures, like two buttons and a hook. I'm so distracted getting those all fastened that I sometimes completely forget about the zipper part. Very distressful.

Eddie said...

Too funny. You should tell the story about the Jockeys.

Jan said...

Oh dear, I laughed out loud at this one!

Mags said...

What a hilarious story! Thanks for sharing it with us!