Friday, March 04, 2005

"But Women Can't Be Professors!"

cried Stifler as he stared aghast into his chapter book. He looked to his buddy to confirm his theory. I raised an eyebrow and eavesdropped with interest.
"Nah...I don't think so," echoed his friend. He pointed to me for confirmation.
"Mrs. R! This book has a typo! It says that this professor is a woman! Women can't be professors!" Stifler gasped to me, clearly concerned about the literary accuracy of his novel.
I half-closed my eyes, tilted my head and gazed at him disdainfully, daring him to continue.
"What?"he said, shifting uncomfortably.
I cleared my throat and spoke slowly and clearly to his ten year old sexist brain. "Women can be anything." I spoke carefully. "Except for men. My best friend is actually a professor." I stared at him, waiting patiently for his "aha moment." I waited.
He squinted. He thought. He spoke at last. "Your best friend is a guy?!"


Dree said...

Oh, that is so depressing. You can just imagine the conversations that take place in the child's home, can't you?

shandi said...

OH MY GOD!!!! Did you look at your traffic counter?

I was going to post my comment under another topic, but I thought maybe this one was feeling a little lonely and wanted company (hee hee). I also have that little "clingy" thing.

I really enjoy reading your blog. Very good writing here.