Sunday, January 02, 2005

Gus at his finest. He is chronically in a state of bark. Upon returning home, I bought him a muzzle, since the spanking, the beeping collars, and the general abuse hasn't worked in 3 years. We are calling the muzzle "The Mask" in an effort to protect his ego and make him feel cool, even dashing, in a muzzle. In all reality, he looks like a disturbed bandit.


Pigs said...

So let's see a picture of Gus in his fancy muzzle!

Pigs said...

Okay, that last comment would have been Scott at my house posting. Not me posting on my own picture as a note to self. Just so you know.

Wanderer said...

Hi Ginny,
Enjoyed your blogs. You evidently are a "shagger". I am a retired shagger and live at Ocean Isle Beach just north of Myrtle. We retired here after 23 years in California. Have been here 10 years. I had a total knee replacement 2 years ago and cannot(read: am afraid to shag anymore). So now I blog. I am Again, enjoyed your blog. We just lost our 15 year old Yorkie and miss him terrible.
Again, enjoyed your blog and will be back.


Jen said...

Yes, your little Gus is very much like my little Sierra. She has an extreme barking problem. We tried punishing her by putting her in her crate every time she had a fit. We tried the beeping collar, but she just ignored it. We are now on to the shock collar, which only makes her parnoid and bark even harder when she knows she isn't wearing it. I feel your pain. But I love her so much that we are simply dealing with it the best we can.

She caught a bird today. Her first. And buried it in the backyard. I'm sure it will turn up under my pillow soon as she loves to hoard treats and other items in out bed. Reminds me of "The Godfather," except there are no horse heads, just bird heads. Ew. I will read you blog more often to see what other kinds of beagle adventures you're into!!!

Dex said...

Btw, that's a great pic. One would wonder if it's digitally enhanced. I know it isn't, which adds to its beauty and timing. Great shot--