Saturday, January 01, 2005


So, I feel a bit pressured to write something today. I was all happy, just blogging away, not realizing that there are people LURKING out there reading and not posting. Now I'm just uncomfortable. Who are you people? I discovered a couple at a New Year's Eve party last night of whom I wasn't aware. ["Hey! How are ya? I read your blog everyday. When are you going to write something new?"] While flattering, I was a bit surprised. So now I want to know. Who exactly am I talking to every day? I declare a census. Name, rank, serial number. Or at least who are you, do I know you, and where are you?
I demand posting. Stat. In honor of the New Year and all.
I really like when people post. It's fun to read when I get home from work. Which, by the way, I have to return to on Monday.


katielady said...

I've been blogging, have you been reading mine?! I will do a bit more tomorrow regarding the bowl games of today. Aggies, bad. 'Horns, good! All is right with the world. And, I shared your blog with all my friends at our party today, so be prepared for a couple of posts, they think you are hilarious! Which, you are, of course! ;)

Happy New Year!

Pigs said...

Why is no one censing? I declared a census, I did! Yesterday, in fact. I am certain that Katie is not the only one out there. And, yes, Katie I did read your blog. I had an issue with the way I bookmarked it and thought you hadn't written anything for two months. Clearly, I was an inept bookmarker. Sorry about that. Perhaps that's what has happened to the rest of you who are having trouble with the censing?

Brent said...

This is Brent here...fantastic blog...Keep up the good work..

Meredith said...

Hello. :) It's Meredith. Count me in as a blog-reader!

Eddie said...

Name: Steph
Rank: assistant professor
Serial Number: Wouldn't you like to know?

Consider me officially censed!

trn219 said...

Name: Tina
Connection: Steph's friend from grad school. I originally linked to your blog from hers.
Happy New Year :)

jeannebean said...

Name: Jeanne

Who I am: I am a friend of Tina, who is a friend of Steph. Tina and I work together. She sent me the links to your blog and Steph's blog. I enjoy them both very much :-)You should write a book.

Where am I: Philadelphia, PA

Katie said...

Hi! Do we really need to sign into your census- even if we are related to you?! Well, here are my stats:
Name: Katie
Rank: Cadastral Cartographer
Location: Catawba County NC
Relation to you: Lil Sis

I don't know if my friends will register, but I know that lots of them read your blog daily.

Jen said...

Hey, it's me, Jen, the one with the destructive beagle. After work today, I perused through some of your older entries. I must say, you are a great writer. Your style reminds me very much of mine. We even have the same blog template!

How did you come across my blog? I regularly read the blogs of two other beagle owners, Kate and Stephanie. We should start a "beagle blog brigage" of some kind. Owning a beagle is quite a unique experience. Well, I plan to bookmark your blog and add it to my list of daily distractions. Take care!

Dex said...

I'm late censing in, but hey, since I was the one who introduced you to this now-apparent necessary evil, I don't feel the slightest tinge of guilt. Like I would anyway.

Name: Scott/Dex
Rank: Resident Cynic and General Pedant, Class II
Serial Number: Umm, yeah. Right.

For those who haven't wandered over, I'm over here.

KauaiMark said...

Sub teacher in CA looking for kid handling tips other related experiences.

I like your writing style. As our gov might respond "Eye'll be Baaak"


Chelsea said...

Alright I am six YEARS late posting here but I recently starting reading through your old posts and I'm loving it!
Chelsea, from Seattle, wrapping up my student teaching and on my way to potentially purchasing a beagle (two reasons why I LOVE your blog!)

Pigs said...

Ha ha! That is awesome. Glad to have you. There's lots of teacher and beagle advice in years 2005-2006. Then it switches over. Enjoy!