Sunday, January 23, 2005

Get a Good Doors Song in Your Head...Now Read

I just had this come back to me from last week. Like flashbacks. See, there's this FreakyWeird Kid in my class who allegedly has an average IQ, but acts like he has taken massive quantities of mood-enhancing drugs and is just stoned all the time. He can't focus, can't remember, and can't follow directions to save his life. He's much like a kindergartener trapped in a ten year old body. And he looks like Alfred E. Newman.
So everyday after we switch classes, he comes up to me to share some insightful bit of information. It's our special little routine. On Thursday it went like this:

FWK: Mom? I mean Mrs. R? [hand pats me on arm]

Me: Good morning! [fake smile, suppress eye roll] What is it?

FWK: Today? [spacy, wandering eyes drift around me as though taking in my aura] Today? It makes me think of yesterday.

Me: Mmmmmhmmmm... [raise eyebrow, stare quizzically at child.]

FWK: [glassy-eyed stare, why-can't-we-all-just-be-friends smile]

Me: How's that? What do you mean? [may as well egg him on now, just for kicks]

FWK: It's like yesterday...but it's today. [looks to me for approval of his profundity]

Me: Well, how 'bout that? You'd better go get unpacked! [my now patented awkward choking chuckle that I still can't get a handle on.]

FWK: [Long pause. More staring.] I laughed a lot today. [WCWAJBF smile]

Me: So, did you laugh a lot yesterday too, then? [Wait, I'm on to something! I have found a clue! Penny! Brain! Come quickly before we lose it!]

FWK: What?

Argh! So that's that. Every. Day. Just a little piece of the magic.


Anonymous said...

*lol* Hilarious! Sorry to laugh, but you've wrote it up in such a great way. I can just see the kid. I hope he gets hit by a clue X 4 someday.

Carrie (

posthipchick said...

i had a student like this last year. one day he looked at me, really seriously, and said "what do you DO for a living?"