Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Are you LoL-ing?

On the playground today, two little girls were running around being silly with a big blanket they had borrowed from another teacher. (It was really cold) (Okay, it was Texas really cold; it was only 45 degrees) (Why is there not a degree symbol on a keyboard? That bugs me.) (Or a cents sign?) Anyway.
These kids were trying valiantly to get the attention of myself and another teacher and we were just as valiantly trying to ignore them and get some adult conversation in.
Finally, the blanket-covered duo walked directly up to us and poked their heads out from the folds of blanket with these sad little hurt puppy dog expressions on their faces.
We looked at them, mildly amused. "Yeeees?" I asked with a smile. "May we help you?"
One of them looked at the other and back at us, confused, and said, "We're being funny! Why aren't you LoL-ing?"
At which point, I obviously did. Since when did email/IM/blog lingo become so mainstream that kids say it within dialogue? It was the funniest thing I've ever heard! Well, except for the bubbles thing. Clearly.


Sparkle said...

That is so cute. The technology age has corrupted our children. Soon it will not just be geekly to say LOL (and merely accidental by us adults) in real life. It gives me a good feeling.

Char said...

A friend of mine at uni uses "WTF?" in conversation...example:
"So he was cracking onto my ex, and I was like WTF, man?"
It's getting quite irritating.

Jen said...

Hey, thanks for adding me to your likeable blog links! I like yours, too, and will reciprocate with a link on mine soon. Take care for now!

katielady said...

I have a confession. It took me quite a long time to actually figure out what LOL meant. Not being an IMer (Instant Messenger, right?), or around kids practically ever, I am not up on all of the computer lingo. For instance, I am just now figuring out btw (by the way) and wtf (we all know what that means!) and kwim (know what I mean). For a long time I thought lol was 'lots of laughs.' In the right context, it makes sense. You would think I'm WAY over the hill! Instead of my youthful 27. Ah well. I rely on Ginny to keep me in the know. Would that be ITK?

Dex said...

a few helpful items:

brb - 'be right back'
iirc - 'if I remember correctly'
IMO - 'in my opinion'
IMHO - 'in my humble opinion'
leet - 'elite' (this has many derivatives)

and if you ever run across a script kiddie, you may see numbers exchanged for letters. It's not a code of any kind per se, just a simple replacement with numbers that look similar:

1 = l
3 = e
4 = a
5 = s
7 = t
0 = o

Some kiddies like to substitue 'p' for 'o'. Don't ask, I don't know.

So instead of 'leet' I could write '1337.' Means the same thing.

And Ginny, the degree symbol, cents sign, and other goodies can be found in your Accessories/System Tools/Character Map. Scroll through the list, copy/paste. You can also hold the alt key and type a four digit number --with the keypad-- instead. In the Character Map the keystroke combo is displayed near the bottom of the window. And, since you asked:

° = alt+0176
¢ = alt+0162
and a couple fun ones:
¡ - alt+0161
¿ - alt+0191

Pigs said...

Scott's a BFN! (Big Fat Nerd)