Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Cool Things from the 80's That I Miss:

I was an innocent child of the 80's in middle school. I didn't know it was ugly. It was great at the time. Most of it I would avoid now, but here are a few things I miss. Or can at least laugh about now.
  • Those ribbon barrettes with the long strings
  • Garbage Pail Kids
  • New Kids on the Block
  • Plastic charm necklaces with all the garbage hanging on them
  • Jellies
  • My hot, hot, hot Kirk Cameron poster that I got from a book order
  • French rolling my jeans and double stacking socks in different colors
  • Mall hair
  • Saying, "Grody to the max!" when it was still cool.
  • Inspector Gadget
  • My Brooke Shields eyebrows

Those were my personal favorites. They all demonstrate my maturity level during that decade. Although, I still like to have the opportunity to say, "Grody to the max." It doesn't come up nearly often enough.


wanda said...

Don't forget all that wonderful eye make-up.

Jennifer said...

God - I had forgotten all about the double socks and French rolled jeans...what a flashback!! :-)

Pigs said...

Mo-om! My blue and green eyeshadow was HOT!

Anonymous said...

*lol* Oh how I loved those rainbow ribbon barrettes! I used to make them by the truck load. And Garbage Pail kids! But then I went to church camp and they told us we should burn our GPK cards so I did. How sad. I would never burn my Kirk Cameron posters, though.

trn219 said...

Don't forget acid washed jeans....and the feathered hair! Did anyone else use that stinky aqua net hair spray that left a film on everything?

Eddie said...

I did, Tina! My bangs were so stiff and sprayed that when I rode my bike, the wind swept the entire "bang" up like a wall.

I liked the knot bracelets and the jelly bracelets.

birdwoman said...

what about friendship pins? My colors were blue and pink.


DC/MD~HipChick said...

OMG! I say someone wearing french rolled jeans the other day, I had to do a doubletake!

jack said...

who was popular in the 80's