Tuesday, July 05, 2011

General Malaise

Well, I disappeared there, didn't I? I've had time to write, but haven't felt up to being amusing or even snarky (!!). Sometimes life isn't funny, and that really bums me out. It took me ten minutes to write those three sentences, so clearly I'm not good at expressing this side of life. I'll just move along.

My old pal AMP blew into town this weekend. For months, we've been planning a stellar getaway, one remniscent of our college days, our young single days, our freedom! Yeah, well. The best laid plans can be waylaid by a bad case of gas and an overwhelming urge to sit in bed eating junk food while watching The Soup. It seems that with age we have developed a new set of priorites: a satisfying amount of quality sleep and good food.

Today has been one of those back to reality days as I skipped bathing, spent the entire day organizing and packing for our beach trip, and alternated between disciplining my wayward children (hitting, spitting, attaching the word poop to the end of every sentence) and my beagle (gobbling pieces of poop from an unflushed toilet). So, one might say it's been a poopy Tuesday.

My apologies for the gap in posting. I will try to get back on board next week at the beach.

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