Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My happy place.

MommyProf and Katielady requested the porch. The porch is our favorite little hang out spot from March through November. Then I decorate it for Christmas and shut her down for 3 months of winter. This seasonal take down usually sends me to my sad place. The porch represents sunshine and beer and friends and beer and a fan breeze and beer and watching the kids play without having to be involved in the actual elements. And beer. Of course.

This view looks out onto the deck where Mr. Pigs sweats and grills whilst I sit inside the porch and perch delicately on a bar stool. I have a lot of plants who are super happy out on the porch and get most fussy when I bring them back inside. This view also features Gus's doggie door, a large part of his canine independence. He digs it. The tall bar table on the right is my life guard stand. It's tall enough that I can keep a responsible eye on the chil'rens while engaging in the adult end of a happy hour playdate.

This view looks out into the other side of the yard and features our dining table, where we eat dinner most of time. Assuming it's not 95 degrees with 90% humidity (not raining) as it was the other night. Piglet and Pigpen were most chagrined to have to eat indoors. The torment we put them through is truly inexcusable. Not surprisingly, I just noticed a scantily clad Pigpen in the right side of this picture. No one ever has on appropriate attire in this house.

My favorite porch time is evening when there's not so much blazing sun. The birds are noisy, the windchimes, well, chime, and the iPod can play some tunes. It's a happy little blog place. Or book place. Or chatting place. It's my happy place.

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