Monday, June 13, 2011

Why are pants so hard?

Hoo boy! I'm recovering from sticking my finger into a smear of what I suspect was ear wax lying stealthily in wait for me in an undisclosed location. Shudder. I don't think I'm over it yet. Gack, gack.

Distract me with picture posts! This one I thought was kind of neat from Katielady, though I don't think my kids have the same kind of eye as hers might. I give you: photos snapped by Piglet. Oh, and one at the end by Pigpen because he was feeling left out.

1. Naturally, he started with the dog. The one he proudly calls "My puppy" to anyone who will listen. Gus is a fast fellow when surrounded by preschool types and he zipped out of the shot faster that Piglet could snap it.

2. A very, um....artistic? Ish? shot of chairs. Bar stools, to be precise. And a wet, used, discarded swim diaper on the floor in the background. Keepin' it klassy.

3. Once Pigpen saw Piglet with my camera, he had to get theirs. In this first-ever-tried shot, the two boys photograph one another. Gasp! Clearly, they are genius children. Note Pigpen wearing his smack your mama they're so cute unkies. Please croon in unison.

4. Naturally, Pigpen had to have a shot at the camera. After an amicable swap, Piglet agrees to be in Pigpen's photo. Why is no one wearing shirts in my house? Do you know how many times each day I utter the phrase, "Why aren't you wearing pants?" Way more than I think to be normal, I'll tell you that. I have never had a problem with wearing pants. Shoes, yes. Pants, not so much. Please pardon my partially dressed clan. They do not get this habit from me.

This brings us to the end. Would be lovely to hear from you. Just hanging over here. Doing your bidding and all.

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