Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not so smart

I was going to get on here to gripe about how my new car has had three (3) separate issues this week, two and a half of them being completely not my fault.

Here's the short version because I'm considerate enough to realize that you will probably not be able to sleep tonight unless you know the follow up of this story. We'll do bullets to conserve time and wordiness. (HA HA! Like I can control wordiness!)
  1. Driving in the rain, I got a flat tire. I had run over something my husband tells me was a wood screw. It made a hole. It was, fortunately, patchable and I didn't have to buy a new tire.
  2. Driving in Atlanta rush hour traffic, exiting highway via ramp. Stopped at end of ramp behind Toyota Camry which had a gap in traffic about 87 miles long in which to go. He went. I went, while checking to make sure there was space for me to go. He decided not to go after all. I hit him. Bang. Sigh.
    1. Though slightly off topic, still related, my brother-in-law hit a coyote on his way into town to visit us that same night. Did $2000 of damage to car. Also unfortunate.
  3. While I was grocery shopping in Kroger with my kids, the erroneously named "Smart Key" up and flatlined. Not deprogrammed, not dead battery....completely malfunctioned. Do you know what this means? A smart key is so smart that you can only open and start your car while you are holding it. And it is WORKING. So, although my car was perfectly fine, it had to be towed 25 miles so that they could give me a new Smart Key. Seriously. Did I mention that my car filled with groceries? Dairy? Chicken? Oh, and two preschool boys? One of which got warm and kept falling asleep in his car seat, thus ruining nap? I had to call a friend (three or four, actually, until I found one) to come fetch us all. How would you like to win that prize? Which lucky friend gets to drive crazy, crabby Pigs, her two piglets, all of her groceries, a car seat and various bags all the way to her house? It's the LUCKY WINNER!
I would like to start a petition against the alleged Smart Key. A key which will malfunction and not allow you to drive your car is really not that intelligent. How is it that there is no back up plan? There's an actual "real" key that slides out of the smart key that will open the doors, which is how we got in, but it will not actually start the vehicle. Poor planning? I think so.

Here's to everything happening in threes! May I be finished!

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