Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great Green Globs of Greasy Grimy Guacamole

  • Stomach bugs always begin at night, usually after parents have fallen asleep.
  • Guacamole looks about the same coming out as it did going in. True story.
  • Two year olds should not be allowed to consume an entire plate of guacamole, no matter how excited the mom might be that her kid is eating something green.
  • Beagles have no sense of time. When you go into their [laundry] room to do 3am laundry, they are certain it's breakfast time and may run around the house like wild, manic, starving creatures.
  • Vomited guacamole does, in fact, wash out of duvet covers.
  • Duvet covers seem like a good idea until you have to wash and iron them.
  • Two year olds are spunky, chipper, and fancy free in the morning when aforementioned parent is trying to reclaim her 3 lost hours of sleep. Apprently, vomit does not affect toddler mood.
  • Final fact: There will not be pictures attached to this post. You're welcome.
Other drifting unrelated thought: I wonder if any of the Magic Tree House Books #1-40 that I've read aloud to Piglet should count toward my 50 books read. Ponder.

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Aims said...

And yet you still found time to blog. Quite impressive, Pigs. Quite impressive!